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At New Era Information Technologies we recognize that every day you rely on technology to connect and communicate information to customers and team members in your daily business activities. The last thing needed is network disruptions that lead to downtime, lost employee productivity and revenue. We provide comprehensive IT support services and technology consulting experience to manage your information technology. As an outsourced technology partner, we can enhance the reliability of your computer network and overall communication in today fast paced workplace.

New Era Information Technologies works with you to determine the right technology solutions for your business. Whether it’s networking,  network security, data backup and storage, email services, mobile devices, or hardware and software solutions, our certified technicians and technology consultants  provide support services so you can focus on your running your business.

Outsource IT / Scheduled Maintenance - New Era Information Technologies offers IT support services of regularly scheduled maintenance of the network and also 24/7 on call support.  Outsourcing IT support for your company allows for your network to be kept up to date and running at peak efficiency without having the cost of a full time employee.  Rest assured that the experience of our team will give you the support desired for the fast paced technology industry.  Take advantage of the cost savings of Outsource IT over full time employee support without skimping on desired results.

Depending on the size of the network, scheduled days will be chosen and agreed upon for routine maintenance of the network.  New Era will be available for service calls any time between scheduled maintenance days reducing downtime for employees in the event of an unforeseen problem.  No Service Contract Required.

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Managed Services - All day and night your network is monitored by New Era team members to alert us of possible server hardware, workstations or operating system issues. Network monitoring dashboards will keep us up to date on a full range of possible attacks to the network or any deficiency that arises. Your entire network will check-in throughout the day and night confirming the health of your system.

When our network monitoring dashboard alerts us of a potential issue, often times our technicians will be alerted before you know a problem exists. Most issues will be fixed remotely from our local office. In the event an onsite visit is required an experienced technician will be dispatched for a hands on assessment and repair any problem discovered. With New Era managed services you get regular reports showing you the overall health of your computers. Our reports keep you informed of what’s happening on a day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month basis, so you can have tangible proof your network is secure from the latest threats and possible failures.

New Era Managed IT Services is 24/7 network monitoring with a set monthly service fee based on the amount of workstations and servers on the network.

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Network Audits and Assessments - Current and accurate records of your current network infrastructure are important in order to understand where your resources are currently allocated and if they are used correctly. By doing a network audit, our network technicians can verify that all parameters are documented and all hardware and software are up-to-date. Their work confirms that each node configuration complies with your planned network standards and with our recommendations. A network audit can be used to:

• Enhanced overall network performance, as part of routine maintenance;
• Ensure adequacy for the current level of demand;
• Identify areas of the network that will require attention in order to facilitate future growth;
• Identify any performance issues caused by physical or logical configuration errors;
• Verify current conditions prior to an expansion project or before introducing new equipment or services

Audit findings typically reveal opportunities for immediate improvement and provide a baseline for future comparison. Optimizing product and network performance preserves maintainability, enhances operational efficiency, and contributes to high network availability. A network audit also delivers information that can help you meet important business objectives and helps inure that any discovered problem areas are addressed prior to having a down network with lost productivity. 

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Offsite Data Backup Protection Services - Disasters are inevitable but mostly unpredictable, and they vary in type and magnitude. The best strategy is to have some kind of disaster recovery plan in place, to return to normal after the disaster has struck. For any size business or municipality, a disaster means abrupt disruption of all or part of its business operations, which may directly result in revenue loss and productivity. To minimize disaster losses, it is very important to have a good disaster recovery plan for any size computer network.

The first step in planning recovery from unexpected disasters is to identify the threats or risks that can bring about disasters by doing risk analysis covering threats to business continuity. Risk analysis (sometimes called business impact analysis) involves evaluating existing physical and environmental security and control systems, and assessing their adequacy with respect to the potential threats. New Era Information Technologies is prepared to assess possible disasters and to plan a course of action in the event disaster strikes.

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Security Services - Security threats are a growing issue for businesses of all sizes. There’s a lot at stake—your computers and network systems, your information and your customers’ data. We stay on top of the latest security hazards and employ a variety of technologies to keep all systems and data safe. At New Era Information Technologies our security services ensure your business is always protected.

  • Firewalls - Firewalls are your first line of protection to control what comes and goes on your network system. With the right firewall protection in place, you’ll be safe from malicious outsiders who can tap into your company and client data.Our security services strengthen this important gateway for your business.

  • Spam Management - With our email security services, we protect you at all points of interaction: at your desktops, your network, and even your outside ISP, preventing unwanted spam from ever hitting your inboxes, saving your employees time and lost productivity.

  • Virus/Spyware Security Services - We protect, detect, and remove both viruses and spyware from your computer systems using best-of-breed antivirus and spyware removal applications for any size businesses.

  • Content Filtering - Content filtering lets you block websites from being accessed by users on your network. The allows you to control the websites your employees visit ensuring you’re not left vulnerable to viruses, spyware and other maladies of the Web. This can also help you improve employee productivity.

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Microsoft Office 365 - Powered by the cloud so you can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere and all updates are

installed automatically. For more info on Office 365 and it's features, click here.

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Cabling - Network cabling is one of those commodities that are transparent but still critical to the operations of nearly all businesses. At the heart of every commercial facility is a computer network, often connecting multiple computers to each other, to the internet, to one or more private intranets, and to a variety of other peripherals and hardware.  The wiring used to connect all of these devices must be of the highest level of quality possible. To ensure that it is, and to ensure that the support backing up the cabling is equally excellent, the selection of an ideal provider of network cabling is vital to the reliability of the network infrastructure. New Era offers:

Voice/Data Services

• Cable (Cat5e, Cat6), design, installation & certification
• Project planning and management
• Reconfiguration due to moves, additions, and changes
• On-going repair, maintenance, and support.
• Growth planning analysis
• Fluke DTX Cable Analyzer Testing.

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Custom Software Design - By analyzing your current procedures, we create a customized and effective computer program. We also provide custom web based solutions, database software and applications that span can your entire network.

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Access Database and Reporting - We provide database reports that present your important information visually in order help others

understand your data, and answer critical business questions.  

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Web Site Design - Affordable, creative, effective web site design and development for businesses of all sizes and from all industries. We create an online presence based on your business needs and goals, with inclusive annual maintenance packages. In addition to HTML/CSS, we also provide design and support for Wordpress, Squarespace, DNN and other CMS platforms.

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Social Media Consulting - Our experts create social media campaigns designed to increase traffic to your web site and to create awareness about your products and/or services. We help generate leads, promote upcoming events and help your organization establish a sense of community and industry expertise.

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