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Enterprise-class software development and web design, to installing and supporting critical infrastructure for government entities, including Microsoft desktop products and business applications. more We develop custom Microsoft Windows and various other web applications that can be used internally or externally, to integrate with existing systems, or sold as a stand-alone product. more We can help deploy and maintain a full range of information technology solutions within your agency. We offer advice to help you save money, are a ready source of up-to-date knowledge.

New Era Information Technologies is a Jefferson Parish, Louisiana-based company that has performed computerized business automation development since 2004. We specialize in technical services, LAN/WAN, GIS, business automation, reengineering, off-site backup, consulting and system development.

Whatever the industry, businesses need a competitive advantage in order to thrive. Their edge is where you're likely to find our technology solutions. We have a wide range of experience working with clients in various industries, to implement technology solutions that increase workflow efficiencies and reduce labor costs to give them a competitive advantage. 

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New Era Information Technologies is the exclusive IT support provider to Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Government.